international project

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Issam Rezgui (Jasm One)
Curator – edition 2012

International graffiti artists depict their vision of wine.
More than an exhibition, myFINBEC is an unusual and original collaboration between the worlds of wine and art.

Representing the 5 continents, the artists had “carte blanche” during 24 hours, to paint in their style and culture, 8 giant but ephemeral works.
Indeed, the creations where elaborated on a support consisting of 84 wooden cases of wine, which where destined to be separated and sold individually after the exhibition. These cases, unique and individuel will contain 6 bottles of wine, who will have an etiquette illustrating the global work- hence being the unique physical trace of the work after its deconstruction. The myFINBEC concept therefore offers the opportunity to wine and art lovers to acquire an exclusive extract of an original work swell as six bottles office wine, issued from selected parcels and cultivated with passion.

Line up 2012
Jason Revok – Mode 2 – Faith 47 –  Askew –  Esow – Jasm One – Demes – Trd